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The Stickleback Road
Written in rhyme, The Stickleback Road is an invitation to join
Maxtalum Mandesti McPhee on the first leg of his adventurous journey
as he travels along The Stickleback Road, from Kirrietumdevon to the City of Blitz.
The captivating illustrations bring to life the characters, the animals and the countryside.
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The Stickleback Road
Author: Heather A C Murphy
Illustrator: Sheila Faichney
Published and Distributed by
Impact Services (Scotland) Ltd, Arbroath, Angus DD8 1TN
The Stickleback Road - 24 page, perfect bound, full colour, children’s book. £5.99 plus £1 p&p to UK
(Overseas buyers should e-mail for postal charge prior to ordering)