Reader's Reviews and Comments -- "The Stickleback Road"

WELL, I must say, even reading it through only once I really enjoyed it.  It had all the right ingredients for a young child.  I was able, even after only one reading, to put all the cadencies into it that children love to hear when being read a story.  Well done.  I can't help feeling more of the same would not go amiss.  I would also like to congratulate your illustrator friend, colleague, co conspirator, whatever.  Did you find her or did she find you, whichever put a lead on her don't let her get away.  ALL IN ALL A SMASHING BOOK. I really should have ended there but I must add, better than many of the books Lexi has in her bedroom and many I see on the shelves in bookstores. 

B. Naylor (France)
22 November 2010

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This is a delightful story written with the very young in mind. The book is written in the same genre as the Gruffalo. The rhymes are clever and sometimes tongue twisting which children can have a lot of fun repeating, once they have heard the story a few times. The illustrations are colourful and appealing. There is a great deal of humour in the book which makes it fun to read over and over again which, as any Granny knows, young children always demand.

I can’t wait to read it to my two year old grandchild and I’m sure that he, like me, will want to hear “the stories so bold of adventures while walking the Stickleback road”

Andrea Kay (Retired Head Teacher)
06 December 2010

Full of humour and excitement, this bright, lively book features strange and wonderful beings – some scary and some eccentric who behave, and at times misbehave, in just the same way as young children themselves. As in all the best stories, good triumphs over evil when the skinks are saved by an heroic Froozle who sees off the not-too-scary Grunxidorra with its eyes of dark green and its fangs of dark yellow.

The Stickleback Road, reminiscent of the verbal invention of Edward Lear and Theodor Geisel (Dr Seuss), is sure to enchant every child who delights in the sound of words, both real and imaginary.

E C R Hill (Angus)
08 December 2010